WindKing Stand/Wall Fan 18″

Powerful oscillating grow room fan that pushes the same amount of air as 3 small wall fans

You’re trying to manage CO2, heat, and humidity in your grow room. You’re indoors, so the air doesn’t move and gets stagnant. Heat rises, so you have warm and cold spots all over your room. How are you supposed to manage all of these factors when stagnant air is creating such an unstable environment? How can you mimic the outside world where air flows freely? By using the Wind King High Velocity Stand/Wall Fan!

The Wind King High Velocity Stand/Wall Fan is powerful enough that the motor won’t burn out under continuous use. It Oscillates so you can get an even flow of air through your grow room and has multiple speed settings so you don’t blow too hard on your plants, burning the tips. The Wind King High Velocity Stand/Wall Fan is powerful, oscillating fan that creates stable airflow in your grow room. We’ve found that it’s powerful enough to replace up to 3 small wall fans.


Powerful industrial motor: Move more air with a fast motor that won’t burn out under load. Rated at 5,400 CFM.

Metal blades: Plastic blades sometimes warp due to the heat in your room, which means over time they don’t move as much air. We’ve never seen metal blades warp, ever.

Place the fan anywhere: The WindKing comes with a pedestal that can stand on the ground, and a wall mount bracket for hanging on the wall.

Oscillation on ground or wall: Whether on the wall or our pedestal, the WindKing oscillates back and forth to provide more air distribution in your room. As well as oscillating, you can also change the speed settings on three levels!

Draw less power: Instead of using multiple smaller fans, use 1 energy-efficient powerhouse.

Moves your plants: Air movement in your room helps strengthen your plants. If they were growing outside, they would have wind and environmental factors that encourage them to grow deeper roots. Air movement inside can help simulate these effects.