Wind King Oscillating Fan 16″

Keep Your Grow-Space Air Mixed Without Losing Floor Space!

It is vitally important to keep the air mixed in your grow space so that stale, damp, CO2 depleted air does not stagnate around plant leaves which will slow down photosynthesis. However, floor space can be at a premium in an indoor grow space. Floor-standing Pedestal Fans take up room that could be used for pots, and sometimes they cannot be raised high enough for them to be at their most effective. The Wind King Wall Mounted Fan can be mounted as high as the user likes and does not take up valuable space or create an obstacle while you are tending your plants. The Wind King pips the competition by also having a circular oscillating pattern. Instead of just moving from side to side, the fan head of the Wind King moves in a rotating “O” shape, which makes an even better job of mixing the air in your grow-space

  • Large 16″ (40cm) fan head for lots of air movement
  • 3 Speeds
  • Very effective “O” shaped circular oscillation pattern – mixes the air above and below it, not just from side to side
  • Oscillation function can be switched off
  • High quality motor and moving parts for reliability and long life
  • Wall-mounted – does not take up floor space or make a big obstruction in your grow-space
  • Get the air movement where you want it – can be mounted higher than a pedestal fan can go
  • 5 blades for very efficient air movement
  • Thermally protected motor


1 x Wind King 16″ (40cm) wall mounted oscillating circulation fan

How the Wind King Wall Fan Works

Plants absorb the CO2 in the air around their leaves and use it for photosynthesis.  They also release moisture into the air as they “transpire”. If the air in a grow space is still (or “stagnent”) then the CO2 levels around the leaves will go down, slowing down photosynthesis and growth speed. Also, the more humid air around the leaves inhibits transpiration which, again, slows down plant growth.

To prevent slow growth, the air around a plant’s leaves needs to be refreshed by a little air movement. Circulation fans provide the answer. However, the larger types are typically floor fans, or pedestal type fans. Both of these types have disadvantages. Floor fans tend to only tackle the air which is low down in a room. Pedestal fan types are better but have a limited height meaning they might not be as effective as they could be. Both types take up valuable floor space which could be used for pot space. Also they can both create an inconvenient obstacle while tending your plants and perhaps even a trip hazard. The restricted oscillation pattern of most pedestal fans means that air is only mixed from the side-to-side.

The Wind King is a wall mounted fan which overcomes many of these problems. It can be mounted as high as the user wants, ensuring that the tops of the plants get refreshed air. It takes up no floor space meaning there’s more space for plant pots and they don’t get in the way when tending your plants and you won’t accidentally trip over the feet.

Finally, the Wind King has an unusual oscillation pattern. When in oscillating mode, instead of just moving side to side, the fan head of the Wind King moves in a circular “O” shape pattern which is far more effective at treating a much larger volume of air.

How to use the Wind King Wall Mounted Circulation Fan

If possible choose a good wall location for the Wind King. This would be where it will not get in the way while you tend your plants, and high enough to treat the tops of the plants and the space between them and the grow light. The general idea is to ensure that no parts of the grow space has completely stagnant air where a microclimate can fomr

Using the mountings provided, fix the Wind King to the wall and run power to it from a mains outlet socket.

Turn the rotary power switch to the desired speed. The oscillation can be switched on and off with the pull-cord at the bottom. The angle of the fan head can be adjusted up and down for the most effective air movement.

Power Consumption: 55W

Max Current Consumption: 5 Amps