Vitalink Silicon Max

VitaLink Silicon Max is a beneficial silicate supplement that enhances the cell structure of your plants. Along with developing the root system. To help produce healthier and stronger plants with thicker roots, Also along with improved resistance to disease.

Silicon Max can be used in all grow systems, whether hydroponics, coco or soil. It can also be used throughout the plants life, from the first week of vegetative growth through to the final week of flowering, prior to flush. Its also been recorded that VitaLink Silicon Max can be used as a pH down in hydroponic systems, along with providing your plants with essential silicate levels.

Benefits of VitaLink Silicon Max include:

  • Helps produce stronger, healthier plants
  • Improves resistance to disease
  • Use throughout the plants life cycle
  • Also Can be used in all hydro, coco and soil grow systems

Directions of use:

1ml per litre added to your nutrient solution from week 1 of vegetative growth, right through until the final week of flowering, prior to flush.

Available sizes: 250ml, 1L, 5L