Vitalink PH Buffer 4 & 7 250ml

Vitalink PH Buffer greatly affects the availability of nutrients within solution. A pH level which is too far from the optimum for your plants can cause deficiencies in essential nutrients that plants need to grow and can negatively affect beneficial bacteria in your system or substrate. Your pH meter contains an electrode which degrades with use due to the electrode coating and aging. Therefore, regular

calibration is necessary to maintain accuracy of your pH meter and to inform you when it is time to purchase a new meter. If you are using your pH meter daily, you should calibrate it at least once a week. This is done using the buffer solution of known hydrogen ion activity. It can be either VitaLink

ESSENTIALS Buffer 4 or VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer 7. Using two of these buffer solutions will make your calibration more accurate. However, using the VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer 7 might be sufficient for your purposes. You should know that temperature affects the pH value. ESSENTIALS pH Meter has automatic temperature compensation. However, when calibrating, it is necessary that your pH meter and your calibration fluid have the same temperature. To achieve this, you can place them together in the same environment prior to performing calibration to allow them to reach the same temperature before you take measurements.


Vitalink PH Buffer 4 250ml

Vitalink PH Buffer 7 250ml