Vitalink EC 2.8 Cal Solution 250ml

Vitalink EC 2.8 Cal Solution 250ml. Electrical Conductivity (EC) is sometimes expressed as conductivity factor (CF) or parts per million (PPM). It is a measure of the strength of a nutrient solution. More specifically, it measures the resistance between two diodes in solution which gives an indication of how much salt is in a hydroponic reservoir.

It is these mineral salts, dissolved in solution that provide plants with all the elements (nutrients) they need. Too much salt can be toxic and if there is too little the plant isn’t getting the nourishment it needs. Therefore, it is essential to be able to measure and control EC.

The recommended EC of 0.8 – 2.4 represents a range over the life cycle of a plant with the lesser figure being used. When the plants are young increasing toward the upper limit as it grows. The VitaLink Essentials range gives you the tools required to monitor, adjust and maintain your pH and EC. As well as keep equipment calibrated and working at its best. CF Calibration Fluid – in the same way that our pH buffers help calibrate pH pens.

The CF Calibration Fluid helps calibrate EC pens to an EC of 2.8 (28 CF). This solution is blended to a known value of EC 2.8, so that you can be reassured that your EC meter is reading the same value.