Vinnys Growers Choice Grow

Vinnys Growers Choice Grow is a complete 2-Part Fertilizer with all of the essential elements and minerals that a plant requires. This product has been tried and tested since 1994. Its formulation is focused on simplicity and ease of use and can be used with any grow medium, (soil, coco or hydro) in any situation (cuttings, vegetative, flowering).

With Vinny’s Growers Choice. You will not see any precipitation in your reservoir or see any salt build up on the roots of your plants. This allowed your nutrient solution to be easily consumed by the plants.

It is perfect for expert or novice growers and works well with all types of fruits and vegetables. This product used high-grade salts that flush out in less the amount of time compared to most fertilizers.

Key features:

  • Extremely low salt index using only the finest raw materials.
  • Low in contaminants such as heavy metals, microbes, and 100% free of pesticides.
  • It can be used stand-alone without additives as part of a complete feed program.
  • Also Simple to use formula. Use Grow and Common for the vegetative stage and Bloom and Common for the flowering stage.
  • Formulated for optimum nutrient levels during the different stages of growth. Higher ratios of nitrogen for the early stages and higher phosphorus ratios for the flowering stages.
  • Works well for beginners and experts alike, because as well as being very easy to use. This two-part formula can give precise control over feeding schedules.

Available sizes: 1L, 4L