Veg + Bloom Shine Additive 450g

Veg + Bloom Shine Additive 450g shine is a phosphite based flowering booster with a host of added ingredients to push plants to swell fruit towards the end of flower. Typically used between weeks 3-7 after flower onset, Expect an increased terpene profile, tighter internodes and denser fruit.

The Shine formula contains plant available phosphorous and potassium at high levels thanks to the phosphites, it’s also got crab shell extract, plant cutin isolates, some magnesium (in soft water areas or gardens using r/o should consider adding extra calmag) as well as an array of nectar promoting compounds which will increase density as well as the terpene and flavonoid profile for a stronger smelling, tastier harvest.

Formerly known as +Size, Shine will push plants to use up their last available energy into swelling fruit, which will be noticeable come harvest time.

As with all Veg +Bloom powdered nutrients, you’re not paying for water, only the raw, water soluble ingredients in a stabilised form. It’s also cheaper to ship and easier to store.


Use between 1 – 2 grams per Gallon of nutrient solution, alongside Veg + Bloom base nutrient. Change reservoir regularly.

Week 3 flower – Use 1g per gallon (4l)

Slowly increase the dose of Shine, while reducing the EC of your base feed. At week 6 or 7, you should drop base feed to ½ and use shine at 2g per gallon.

Week 7 or 8 – Use shine at 1g per gallon with no base nutrient. Feed until 2 – 7 days before harvest to allow time to flush plants.

  • PK Booster and Nectar secretion agent
  • Increase terpene production
  • Increases disease resistance (botrytis and powdery mildew)
  • High quality input = High quality output
  • Suitable for all systems and substrates
  • NPK : 0 – 22 – 12