Ecotechnics UNIS CO2 Controller and Regulator Combo

If you’ve mastered the art of indoor gardening and want to take your grow to the next level, then CO2 supplementation is for you. The Ecotechnics UNIS Regulator fits onto a CO2 cylinder, and its accompanying UNIS Controller can then be set to tell the Regulator to administer doses based on the size of your growing area. The Regulator can also be used in an array of different combinations with the Ecotechnics Evolution Controller and the Ecotechnics Analyser for the ultimate CO2 supplementation solution!

  • Automatically doses with CO2 according to room size
  • 17 litres per second output
  • 16 room size settings, from 1 – 100 cubic metres
  • Very low maintenance
  • Extremely reliable
  • Pressure gauge to inform you when your cylinder is low


1 x Ecotechnics UNIS Regulator, 1 x Ecotechnics UNIS Controller, 1 x instruction manual

Required, but not supplied:
CO2 cylinder


How the Ecotechnics UNIS CO2 Controller and Regulator Work:

CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that plays an essential role in the process of photosynthesis. Typically, the atmosphere around us has CO2 present in concentrations of around 360 parts per million (ppm). Plants can use up the ambient level of CO2 within an hour, and when levels drop below 200ppm, growth will quickly start to stall. This issue can be addressed by equipping your grow room with an adequate extraction system; however, plants can make use of more CO2 than is generally present in the atmosphere, and supplementing with additional CO2, when used correctly, has numerous benefits, making plants more tolerant to higher temperatures, triggering amplified growth rates and delivering improved harvests, both in terms of quality and quantity. Optimal levels of CO2 are between 1000ppm and 1200ppm; levels higher than this can be detrimental to supplementation and levels above 2000ppm actually become toxic to your plants. At 4000ppm to 5000ppm levels become toxic to humans!


The UNIS Controller and Regulator represent the easiest way to maintain optimal CO2 concentrations in your indoor garden. The Regulator fits easily onto a charged CO2 cylinder. The UNIS Controller connects to it and also plugs into the wall. After entering the correct room settings, the UNIS Controller tells the CO2 Regulator the frequency and the duration of CO2 dosing required to reach the appropriate levels. The UNIS Combo couldn’t be any simpler to use and represents the best balance between value for money and effectiveness in terms of CO2 supplementation.

Using the Ecotechnics UNIS CO2 Controller and Regulator:

Work out the area of your grow in cubic metres by multiplying the length, width and height of the room or tent and use the figure to choose the closest of one of 16 volume settings on the front of the UNIS Controller. Each volume setting has a corresponding number or letter. Use an electrical screwdriver to turn the dial on the face of the unit until the arrow lines up with the correct letter or number. The regulator can easily be screwed onto a CO2 cylinder and connected to the UNIS controller via a simple custom power connector. Connect the controller to the regulator and plug the controller in to a mains outlet. The outlet point of the regulator will then release CO2 at levels appropriate to the room volume entered on the dial. CO2 is heavier than the surrounding air, so you should consider fitting a suitable length of pipe to the regulator outlet and running it to a point just above your plants.

Because your plants use CO2 for the process of photosynthesis, it is not necessary to dose them during night time hours when the lights are turned off. Connect the UNIS Controller to a suitable timer and turn it off during these periods or, if you have a spare socket on the contactor that you use to switch lights on and off safely, use that. Just make sure that you are below the contactor’s power threshold.

The regulator from this combo pack can also be used in conjunction with the Ecotechnics Evolution Controller and the Ecotechnics Analyser.