Trim Daddy 3rd Gen Hand Trimmers

Superior Brushless Motor

Specifically engineered for trimming and the most expensive to build.

Over 10,000 Hours of use

No more overheating thanks to our innovative engineering and unique process of manufacturing, you can now trim for hours to end without getting tired or wearing out your trimmer.

3rd Gen Trim-Daddy Trimmer is designed with efficiency

A computer motherboard controls the motor instead of mechanical brushes, giving the motor only as much power as it needs for each task.  When your trim-daddy is trimming leaves, it senses the lack of resistance and begins to pull only what little charge it needs.


Cut down on time with your hand held electric bud trimmers


Our compact light weight trimmer allows smooth trimming technology take the strain away from your hands and wrists from using scissors for long periods of time.


Our superior brushless motor allows your Trim-Daddy to live a long and strong life. Its patent pending technology makes it impossible to overheat so you can trim nonstop


  • 10x faster
  • Comes with two different size blades
  • High carbon stainless steel blade
  • Two speed settings
  • Trims both WET and DRY