SureAir Watermelon Powerblast Spray 500m

SureAir Watermelon Powerblast Spray 500m are particularly suitable where there is a need to fragrance large areas, or eliminate pungent odours quickly and effectively. Power Blasts leave a lingering fine fragrance which will combat odours for long periods.

Tip: To increase fragrance life still further, spray your Power Blast onto fabrics – always use an inconspicuous test area first!

Because of the effectiveness of the fragrance, it is recommended that a room is left unoccupied for a short period after application. This allows the fragrance to disperse, settle and mature.

  • Watermelon Powerblast available in 500mL aerosol.
  • Spray one short burst around the room.
  • Point the nozzle slightly upwards and away from the body.
  • Also Do not spray on polished surfaces.
  • Remove any overspray with a dampened cloth.