SureAir Gel 1L

Sureair Gel Odour Neutralizing is a complex formula utilizing essential oils to neutralize a large array of organic and non organic odours within your environment. The  Sureair Neutralizing Gel does not mask odours it neutralizes them.

The gels are available in three different scents: BubblegumCotton FreshLemon.

Directions For Use:

 This is a ready to use product. Shake and/or stir well before use. Remove the lid and place the jar in a well ventilated area or pour into an open tray or dish. The more air that comes into contact with the gel, the more effective it will be. For maximum performance you can purchase a Sureair ‘Neutrabreeze’ fan separately which sits directly on top of the 1 litre jars and 5 litre buckets.

Fact: more exposed gel gives more neutralisation! If the gel has not been stirred for a while you may notice a crust forming on the surface – this is perfectly normal – simply add a small amount of water and stir thoroughly. As the Gel works, over time. It will evaporate and you will notice a change in it’s colour, again, this is perfectly normal. If used constantly, one litre of gel should last at least a month.

Available Odour’s:  bubblegum 1L, Cotton Fresh 1L, Lemon 1L