Super Silent Air Pump

Super Silent Air Pump range is a fantastic, and cost effective way of maintaining your plants’ water sources. These pumps run at a low power cost and put out a comparatively huge amount of air. Not to mention they run extremely quietly, at under 45 decibels! The Super Silent range is also completely adjustable, allowing you to freely regulate your air flow and the air output and pressure remain constant. Thanks to the amazingly low power consumption these pumps won’t make a dent in your electricity bills even if you run them 24/7!

An air-pump is an extremely important piece of equipment for DWC growing or any grow where you have still water sources. Especially around the roots. If the water is left still eventually it will stagnate and this will poison your plants. By oxygenating your water you drastically reduce the risk of your plants falling ill due to water-based problems.

Please note: Additional equipment is required for an air pump system, all of which can be purchased at Green Spirit. To operate an air pump system you will need Air Line and Air Stones.

Various Sizes:

Air Pump Single Outlet, Double Outlet, Four Outlet, Six Outlet, 8 Outlet