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The NANOLUX Lighting controller is designed to control two light groups up to 50 lights in any given area and uses 0-10V adjustable DC voltage to control ballast & LED fixtures. The controller operates on a 24-hour time cycle and also has the ability to simulate sunrise & sunset cycle from 10-60 minutes. Each of the two-lighting group channels has a room overheat protection function that can be set up as needed. Use the LCD touchscreen to easily view and modify the current settings for each channel. The screen will automatically turn off after 45 seconds of no use to protect plants from interruption of the light cycle. Moreover, the lighting controller is portable, easily operated & installed.


The SUPER LUMEN Beam 600W is a high quality LED light that can be used for your entire growth cycle. The design of the LED allows for the fixture to be folded down enabling for easier transportation and fitting. Digital control buttons on the side of the fixture allow for full control over your temperature and dimming. It has a dimming range of 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W & 600W.

SUPER LUMEN Beam allows for random start or soft start depending on your preference. The LED also has over-voltage, open/short circuit protection making it safe for the user. The SUPER LUMEN Beam also has a LED bar protection function meaning if one of the bars fail, the life of other bars and the power supply will never be affected. The IP65 design ensures the LED is waterproof, moisture-proof and dust proof.

Smart LED protection function.

  • Foldable for easy handling & transportation.
  • IP65 Rated (Waterproof, moisture & dust proof).
  • High luminous efficiency.
  • Random & soft start options.
  • Over voltage, open/short circuit protection.
  • Lightweight & compact design.
  • 110V – 277V Wide voltage design.
  • 1700 μmol/s Light output.


The 150x150Tent has a thick 600D fabric making for a sturdy and high quality tent. They are the perfect environment for indoor growing, as the inside of the tent is covered in highly reflective diamond mylar material that increases the efficiency of your lights and minimises light escaping the tent.

A huge problem with indoor grow tents are the zips getting stuck. To combat this, Prodigy Tent feature more practical and easier to use zips. The tent comes with one large opening door allowing for easy access as well as a small window panel enabling you to see the inside of your tent without having to effect the environment and open it.

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