Spreader Mat

Spreader Mat is used to line the bed of the tray when using NFT systems. Breaking the surface tension of the nutrient solution. The mat is made from finely layered fibre strands and this ensures that the solution spreads even across the surface of the top tray. Hitting the roots evenly throughout.

Spreader mats are particularly useful when growing in tray systems. Highly recommended for use with NFT Grotanks but they can also be used as a base layer for pots to stop substrates from leaking out.

Every Nutrient Film Technique system needs Spreader Mat to ensure an even spread of water and nutrients across the roots of the plants.  Spreader mat is used to line the top trays of NFT systems. The spreader mat breaks the surface tension of the nutrient solution. Ensuring it spreads evenly across the surface of the top tray and so reaches all the plant roots. Spreader mat should be cut into the correct lengths to fit your NFT system.

The roots of the plant grow out of the bottom of rockwool cubes and then into the spreader mat. Spreader mat is made of layered fine strands of fibre that allow the nutrient solution. To reach all of the plants in the system evenly. Ensuring every plant in the system is nourished equally. Spreader mat can also be used to line plant pots to prevent the growing medium escaping. So even if you don’t have an NFT system it is a useful material to have in the grow room or greenhouse

Available Sizes: 25ft, 50ft, 100ft