SolisTek Touch Screen Lighting Controller

Run up to 300 Lights in Two Different Zones with the SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller

Take your grow to the next level with the sleek and stylish touch screen SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller. It can run a total of 300 lights in two separate areas whilst maintaining precise temperature control in each area, the SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller has been extensively programmed, tested and designed for commercial applications first and foremost but being very simple and intuitive to use it’s a great investment for the hobby grower too.

  • Run two independent lighting cycles from one device, perfect for running a veg room and flowering room
  • Use with the SolisTek A1+ Grow Light and connect up to 25 sensors per room giving you truly ground-breaking lighting control
  • Customizable sunrise and sunset options, giving your plants a gentle start and peaceful end to the day
  • Data logging tracks all your garden activity, records and actively monitors events inside your growing area including faults and warnings
  • High temperature auto dim and shut off settings stop your grow area getting to hot
  • Cloud mode simulates outdoor cloud cover giving your plants a real feel of the outdoors… indoors
  • Simple, sleek and elegant, one of best lighting controllers on the market
  • Easy to setup, use and view thanks to the 7-inch touch screen, wall mountable display


1 x SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller
1 x SolisTek wall mount controller base
1 x 120v/230v 5v power adapter
2 x Temperature sensors (for use with the SolisTek ballast fixture)
2 x 7.6 metre auxiliary cables (to connect the controller to the first ballast fixture)

How the SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller Works:

The SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller is capable of controlling up to 150 lights in two individual zones, controlling up to 300 lights in total. This is done by connecting up one of the SolisTek ballasts to the device via the auxiliary cables provided and then hooking together in sequence the other ballasts your looking to run on the same SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller, dubbed “daisy chaining”. With the SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller you can control every aspect of your lighting regime down to the finest detail via its 7-inch touch screen display which has some very interesting features that you don’t get with many lighting controllers. The Cloud Mode is a SolisTek exclusive feature that creates a realistic and natural effect in your garden. The mode operates your grow light at full intensity for 3 hours then decreases power for 30 minutes before returning to full intensity, this gives your plants some down time to recuperate a little every 3 hours, simulating cloud cover as it passes over head. This leads to healthier plants overall without any loss of quality or quantity.

The sunrise/sunset feature allows you to simulate a natural environment, as the lights turn on they will slowly increase from 50% power to full power over the course of 30 to 90 minutes, this simulates the sunrise plants receive when growing outdoors. The same can be said for the sunset mode it helps plants transition easier from day to night and night to day. Auto dimming is a safety feature that once set will start to dim the lights by 50% if your grow room temperatures start to approach the programmed high temperature point, this allows your grow room to cool by 5 degrees before allowing the lamps to ignite once more.

How to Use the SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller:

First you will need to place the SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller where you can get access to it and also where the 7.6-meter auxiliary cable will connect to the first SolisTek ballast you wish to use. Once mounted in the correct position you can plug in and turn on the device. Make sure the SolisTek Grow light is turned off at this point so that you can change any other settings you deem fit via the touch screen SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller.