Solistek 1000w DE HPS 2k Lamp

The Solistek 1000w HPS DE Lamp is amongst the highest output double ended lamps available

  • Ultra high frequency
  • High PAR output 2100 umol
  • Industrial high quality
  • High lumen maintenance (5% depreciation)
  • SolisTek 2K 1000w Double Ended HPS Lamp is designed for flowering plants
  • Premium quality quartz glass is used for enhanced spectrum and penetration, resulting in higher yields and superior quality
  • Ultra-high frequency double ended lamp made for the very best in sunlight replication
  • Features UV balancing inside the lamp
  • Designed for commercial growers and hobby growers
It has an amazing depreciation rate of 5% @ 10,000 hours and is composed of premium quartz glass for optimum spectrum and maximum penetration resulting in higher quality and quantity crops.