SMS Twin Fan Controller 7a

SMSCom Mk2 Fan Speed Controller – Keep your grow room at the right temperature.

SMSCom 7-Amp Twin Mk2 – Fan Speed Temperature Controller

SMS Twin Fan Controller 7a  is a slender and compact version of the ever-popular original SMSCom Twin Fan speed controller. Not only that, it’s also cheaper and comes with an IEC power cable and socket, making it easier to switch to longer cables if required. The most popular model in the range just got even better!

  • SMSCom – Great quality and value-for-money
  • The MK2 (latest) version of the 7 amp model in the range
  • Gives great control over your garden air temperature
  • Controls the speed of both an intake fan and an outlet fan
  • Maintains a user-set temperature in your grow-room via an external temperature sensor on a fitted 2.9 metre lead
  • Allows the user to set a minimum fan speed to ensure adequate air exchange even at low temps
  • Maximum fan speed setting – great for using oversized fans
  • Supplies 2 outputs up to 800 Watts (3.5 Amps) each