SMS Hybrid Controller 4a

The Most Popular Hybrid Model Just Got an Upgrade

SMS Hybrid Controller 4a are the simplest, quietest and most efficient way. To then regulate the output of in-line duct fans just plug them into the controller. Also set the dials and let the on-board computer system do the rest. Hybrids completely remove buzzing and humming noises by combining heavyweight transformers with clever digital technology. This model also is the most popular in the range and it’s now been upgraded at no extra cost. It features a ‘maximum’ setting so that you can use over-sized fans without them ever kicking in at their full output level. The Pro’s light sensor can be used to increase extraction levels for 7 minutes an hour during darkness hours. Lowering humidity levels and preventing issues with rot. These improvements really have turned a great product into something truly legendary.

  • SMSCom – Top quality design and engineering
  • Extremely quiet – totally eliminates issues with buzzing and humming
  • One of the few controllers to be recommended for use with Isomax fans by their manufacturers.
  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Maintains a constant climate
  • Very simple to operate
  • Regulates minimum fans speeds
  • 5 metre temperature probe cable
  • 4amp version handles a 900W load
  • 8amp version handles a 1800W load
  • 16amp version handles a 3600W load
  • Supplied with a five year warranty