SMS Hybrid 16A Controller MK2

The SMS Hybrid Controller effectively combines mechanical fan speed operation with the most advanced digital temperature sensing technology, resulting in a completely efficient growing environment.

A Hybrid Controller which Combines Fan Speed With Digital Temperature Sensing Technology
Completely silent fan speed operation
Highly accurate temperature control
Features nighttime humidity function
5 step fan speed control
The SMS Hybrid Controller combines mechanical fan speed operation with the latest digital temperature sensing technology. Therefore, making it one of the most silent and accurate fan temperature controllers on the market.


What is the SMS Hybrid Controller used for?

This is a highly accurate twin fan temperature controller. It produces next to no humming or buzzing from your fans and will remove excess humidity from your grow room. Once the lights in your grow room are switched off this controller switches its program to gently increase the fans speed. As a result, it removes excess humidity within your grow room. Then, once the lights turn back on, the controller switches back to its main programme.

Furthermore, it also has a 5m NTC temperature probe. This allows you to place it in anywhere within your grow room. Its heavy-duty design and easy to use operation provide faster reaction times and helping to lower idling speeds to get the best results possible.


Where can you use the SMS Hybrid Controller?

This uses a heavyweight relay in order to regulate the power supply. This ensures that the system remains reliable at all times. The new ‘maximum fan speed’ setting allows growers using large fan systems to use these controllers. Likewise, this means that they can control the maximum level to run fans at lower outputs without causing a noise issue. These controllers are specifically for use in indoor growing environments for use alongside fan and extraction systems.


How to use the SMS Hybrid Controller

To use, simply connect your fans and correctly position the probe inside your growing environment. After that, you’ll want to set the lowest speed for both fans and the required temperature. Therefore, this will allow the controller to maintain the temperature by automatically adjusting the fans between the controllers lowest and highest settings.


SMS Hybrid Controller Specifications

5 metres NTC temperature sensor included
16 amps
1.2 metre power cable
1.6 metre light sensor