Smart Grow Ratchet Hangers

Smart Grow Ratchet Hangers enable you to lift and manoeuvre the heaviest reflectors carbon filters without having to call in a friend for help. • More flexible and easier to use than chain.

Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets are an even sturdier option for hanging and adjusting lights or equipment in your grow room.

Rope Ratchet are a unique, compact hanging system that can be adjusted very easily, simply hook them onto whatever needs to be suspended and pull them tight, It’s that easy.

The rope ratchet pulls tight, locks in place and will never break, slip or rust. They are heat and cold resistant, with metal gears for long lasting operation.

These boast two large S hooks. That will fit over the largest tent pole, as well as a 2.5m braided polypropylene rope.

There also work great for hanging carbon filters, ventilation equipment and much more.