Silver Bullet Roots 5L

Silver Bullet Roots is a powerful, highly effective nutrient solution additive that is used in hydroponics systems to keep roots free of disease and pathogens.

The product is based on symbiotic combination of silver and hydrogen peroxide. The silver ions are attracted to the negative charge the pathogens emit naturally, the silver then inhibits the pathogens defence mechanism and the hydrogen peroxide comes in and finishes them off.

As a by-product of the hydrogen peroxide doing its job oxygen is produced which can then be used by the plant roots – another benefit of using Silver Bullet Roots in your nutrient solution.

Silver Bullet has three main applications:

Everyday use to keep systems clean and free from pathogens. For this type of use you should add it your system at between 0.5ml – 0.75ml per litre once a week throughout the plant lifecycle.
Shock dose to treat diseased plants. For this type of application add Silver Bullet Roots to the solution at 1ml per litre.
For flushing out systems between crops. Diluted bleach also works well for this and is cheaper but if you want to use Silver Bullet then add at a dose of 2ml per litre, flush pipes after application.
Silver Bullet does not enter the plant in any way so will not affect the taste or flavour of your crops. It’s been approved by the EPA for human consumption and is safe enough to be used in drinking water treatment in various different countries.