Secret Jardin Plant Web

Secret Jardin Plant Web plant support net is the perfect addition to any growing tent for those who want to get the most from their growing area. Whilst minimising work and maintenance. Then use of a plant support net helps with plant height issues and will help to create an even plant height canopy. Using a net will also offer an even light distribution to all the tops of your plants and will enable you to train your plants to areas of the grow room they wouldn’t reach with natural growth.

WebIT nets are made of solid elastic 3mm diameter fibre which can withstand intense light and high humidity. Can be fixed to the vertical tubes of all brands of grow tent.

If your tent has a space booster. 4 horizontal bars see section. Also you will be able to attach your WebIT with the space booster using the CableIT provided. This will stretch them further.

Available Sizes:

120cm x 120cm Secret Jarden Plant Web

150cm x 150cm Secret Jardin Plant Web

240cm x 120cm Secret Jardin Plant Web

300cm x 150cm Secret Jardin Plant Web

Product May Differ