ROX is a nutrient supplement designed to substantially enhance flowering in all blooming plants. ROX will greatly increase the yield, quality and appeal of your plants.

How ROX Flower Enhancer Works:

ROX contains several components, both organic and synthetic. The organic faction consists of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, vital to the plant’s metabolism. It contains root stimulants which help the plant assimilate the extra nutrients required for the production of the extra weight. Naturally occurring plant growth hormones and organic acids are also incorporated into ROX.

Using ROX Flower Enhancer:

The best way to use ROX is to start by using the timing and amount suggested on the bottle. See what results you get and then vary the timing accordingly. Some growers are getting exactly the results they want by adding the required amount of ROX at the end of the fourth week and even part way through the fifth week.

You can also vary the amount from one third of that suggested amount in order to vary the appearance and weight of the result. Take it easy, though, because more is not necessarily better. You could also use ROX two or three times dividing the desired amount among the applications. For instance, if you wanted to use ROX at 3 ml/litre in two applications, you would use 1.5 ml each time. you may even find that split applications like this will get the same results with less ROX.