Airstone Polo

Airstone polo are lightweight plastic rings filled with little holes, once the air stone is connected to an air pump, air is pumped through the stone and released into the tank or reservoir, oxygenating the liquid and keeping it fresh.Air stones can be placed anywhere in a tank or reservoir. Simply connect to 4mm Air Line and that, in turn, to an Air Pump and you’re ready to go.

What A good airstone will do for you:

More bubbles

  • A mixture of large and small bubbles
  • A wide spread of bubbles

Remember, the larger your pot, the greater your air flow needs to be. Make sure you pick the right air stone for your air flow.

The aim? To find out which one was best for each air flow rate! We were looking specifically for:

  • Bubble size
  • Bubble Distribution

Don’t expect your air stone to bubble brilliantly straight away – it can take up to 48 hours before they really get going.

Also Capable of releasing a high volume of small air bubbles.

75mm Polo

100mm Polo

125mm Polo