Rhino Foil Duct 5m

Rhino Foil Duct 5m a very strong aluminium ducting with a strong steel wire spiraled internal frame.

Where noise is not an issue, this is a very cost effective solution. Manufactured to strict European regulations to meet all safety standards.

An extremely flexible, reinforced, affordable aluminium foil ducting. Multiple layers of aluminium and polyester are laminated and supported by a high tensile steel wire helix. Easy to install and maintain, wipe clean and reflective.

4″ Foil Duct 5m

5″ Foil Duct 5m

6″ Foil Duct 5m

8″ Foil Duct 5m

10″ Foil Duct 5m

12″ Foil Duct 5m