Rambridge Veg Booster 270g

Enables young cuttings or seedlings to better promote stronger fuller plant growth during the vegetative stage. Add Veg-Booster directly to your reservoir only once at the beginning of a plant’s vegetative cycle when the seedling/ cuttings have gotten over transplant shock. Works on soil grown plants too.

Available in 270g.


Water treatment and selective control of the pH.

Veg-Booster enables the seedlings or cuttings, a rooting awesome, better develop the side branches of the plants.

The Veg Booster Rambridge committed to growing more complete in the latter stages of flowering.

Highly concentrated formula.

Visible results after 2-3 days after application !!!

Causes fruits or flowers are wider and higher.

The reference to “pH Control” means that even if the spray solution or irrigation is not properly calibrated to the pH level, the plant will not have a problem to assimilate fully the Blossol Blood.

Application :

Add the Veg Booster directly to your reservoir only once (for a week), at the beginning of the vegetative cycle of the plant when the seedlings or cuttings have overcome the shock of transplantation.


Veg-Booster enables young cuttings or seedlings to better expand branches allowing for fuller growth in the later flowering stages.

VEG Booster is a growth promoter that allows young cuttings or plants to better develop their roots and to obtain optimal growth to prepare the flowering phase.Use VEG Booster when you are sure that the roots have taken in your substrate for ensure a perfect use.


  • Add a single time VEG Booster directly into your tank after the germination phase , when the seedlings and cuttings have overcome the transplant phase .