Highly effective but simple to use, this allows the grower to measure, monitor and control CO2 levels, in the growroom, accurately.

It features a 24 hour CO2 datalog so that changes in the enviroment can be measured and controlled.

CO2 sources, including CO2 bottles and gas generators, are easily controlled via the 3 pin(UK) socket.

If you are using bottled CO2, you will need to buy the CO2 Release Kit or the complete kit.

Unlike some other CO2 Controllers, the RAM CO2 Monitor and Controller allows you to set not only a target ppm,  but also a range so that it isn’t constantly dosing every second.

Also a light sensor is built in to avoid dosing in the dark when plants can’t use the CO2.

CO2 Release Kit

CO2 release systems made by GasArc – widely renowned as the best hardware on the market.

This CO2 Release Kit comes ready wired and assembled for use and has 10m of CO2 release tube as well.

Available as Monitor/Controller Only or Monitor/Controller with CO2 Release Kit


  • Monitors and controls
  • 24 Hour datalog feature
  • Built in light sensor
  • Plug and play