RAM Bug Barrier

Ram Bug Barrier is an ideal solution to stop bugs and pests entering your grow room.

Via the intake fan or ducting as they are stronger, more secure and longer lasting than using a pair of tights or a similar fine mesh.

The Bug Barrier consists of a screen, fine enough so it doesn’t restrict the airflow. But strong enough to stop most bugs gaining access to your precious indoor garden.

Bug Barriers are also incredibly easy to fit using Velcro fasteners, 1 side of the Velcro is sewn into the edges of the Bug Barrier.

While the matching side features self-adhesive backing which are then stuck to the ducting or fan. The Bug Barrier is then secured using the Velcro, giving it a snug and secure fit.

Key features:

  • Stops bugs and pests entering your grow room via the intake fan or ducting
  • Does not restrict airflow
  • Easy and secure fit using Velcro fasteners
  • Cost effective way of keeping your grow room bug & pest free

Ram Bug Barrier is available in 4, 5, 6, 8, & 12” diameters, to help prolong its life and to keep a constant airflow, its recommended that the screen is checked and cleaned on a regular basis.