RAM 16″ – 3 Speed Pedestal Fan

RAM 16 Pedestal fan is sturdy, reliable and quiet, fitted with automatic swing.

This 400mm (16 inch) fan has 3 preset speed settings, adjustable head and adjustable height.

This simply moves the air around inside a grow room which helps to prevent fungal spores and damp spots from forming. An Oscillating Fan will also help to strengthen the stems of a plant and generally.

This oscillating RAM Pedestal Fan is reliable and quiet. The base of this fan provides a solid, sturdy support. It has an adjustable 400mm (16”) head with a finger safe mesh grill. It has three-speed settings and the height of the fan can easily be adjusted.

pedestal fans are crucial for moving air, particularly when supplementing with CO2 in enclosed environments, around your plants. A good amount of air circulation in your room can lower the risk of mould and help improve transpiration and growth of your plants. This large 16″ fan is great for pushing heat away from your grow lights, helping to clear potential hot-spots. Remember to let your fan rest for 15 minutes every now and again to help prevent wear, also they are not designed for continuous use. Try to avoid directing the fan directly onto plant foliage as this may lead to wind burn of your leaves.