Pressure Sprayer

Pressure Sprayer offers a powerful effective way of watering your plants. The Pressure Sprayer is ideal for foliar feed or simply to apply water to leaves etc. The pressure ensures every corner is reached, in addition this product has the sprayer as an adaptable holder to help you reach those places harder to access as well as reaching all heights easily.

5 Litre Pressure sprayers are ideal for larger scale spraying situations. Pressure sprayers feature a fully adjustable spray nozzle and trigger lock. To use simply pump up the unit to pressurise your spray then hold down the trigger.

These strong and durable, pump action, hand pressure sprayers are an ideal addition to your grow room, especially if you regular use a foliar feed in a larger grow room as these will far exceed the amount of pressure and the surface area covered over conventional hand sprayers.

The hand pressure sprayer works by pumping the lance at the top of the bottle to build up the internal pressure, set the nozzle to the type of spray required, press down the trigger button and lock into place for an uninterrupted spray. The pressure will lower during use so simply pump more back into the bottle as and when required.

Key points about the hand pressure sprayer include:

  • Prefect for foliar feeds and larger gardens
  • Trigger lock for uninterrupted spray
  • Measurements marked in millimeters & fluid ounces
  • Available in 1.5L, 5L bottles

Available Sizes: 1.5L, 3L, 5L, 8L