Power Roots Cloning Gel

Power Roots Cloning Gel is an incredible original product brought to you by the great minds at Innovating Plant Products.

If you’re looking for a new Rooting Gel for cuttings and clones, look no further.

With Power Root, your cuttings can be dipped right into the jar without fear of contamination.  No need to decant your gel before using.

It has a unique line of defences against bad bacteria but that can ruin your attempt at a healthy start for your plants.

Also Use Power Root for all of your cuttings to ensure rapid root growth and a robust start for your plants.

Power Root Directions:

Carefully take your cutting with a clean sharp blade.

Dip you cutting directly into Power Roots.

Try to ensure the cutting has gel roughly 1cm above the surface of the rooting plug or medium.

Place you cutting into the rooting plug or medium and wait.