PlantLife The Hammer 20g

PlantLife The Hammer 20g 10-25-15 allows the grower to control the plants vertical growth, enabling the plant to focus it’s energy on lateral growth, stronger stocks and tighter internode spacing.

THE HAMMER an innovation in plant nutrition. This product stops a plant from growing vertically. Best used during phases of stem elongation such as a flower period. It also increases yields. Gain more control, Also finishing your plants at the height you desire and increasing lateral branching and flowering without any detrimental effects to the quality of finished produce.

The Hammer promotes sturdy, lush, compact lateral growth with strong stems and more compact internode development. It allows growers to accurately control a plant’s finishing height and is especially useful in regulating “stretched” long flowering plants. The active ingredient in The Hammer stops plants from producing Gibberallic Acid. The hormone responsible for telling the plant to grow vertically.

As it can’t grow vertically, the plant therefore grows laterally so that it fills out. Reducing how tall a plant will grow while making it bushy. The Hammer can be used in all mediums and with any branded fertiliser programme and gives growers the power of controlling a plants height which can be Important when space is limited