PlantLife Royal Gold

PlantLife Royal Gold It is a water soluble liquid product and designed to be mixed with any branded fertiliser. Royal Gold is a fulvic acid based product. Fulvic acid changes fertiliser salts on a molecular level and makes them more easily absorbed by the plant.
Royal Gold also has a range of benefits including the elimination of waste from the plant. Making the product taste better, increasing nutrient uptake, helping with drought or under watering problems and increases resilience to temperature fluctuations.

Royal Gold is a naturally occurring material that is very rich in humified organic matter and humic substances.

Research has indicated Royal Gold can be an effective material to increase plant nutrient uptake and overall development.
Royal Gold Liquid Fulvic is a high quality water soluble liquid product. Royal Gold is designed to mix readily then most leading brand name liquid fertilizers.
Use Royal Gold Liquid Fulvic as a foliar spray for outstanding results.
Also research shows that humic substances increase soil water retention, provide available carbon to soil, promote growth of living cells (auxin-like type of hormone), chelate cations in soil (high cation exchange capacity), and solubalize hydrocarbons into water phase (similar to surfactant).
Humic substances are safe to the environment and living organisms.

PlantLife Royal Gold 1L, 4L, 10L