Plantlife Plantacillin

Plantlife Plantacillin is a root zone conditioner that will help keep roots healthy and thriving. It contains millions of beneficial rhizosphere bacteria that work symbiotically with roots. These bacteria grow and colonise the media and help plants draw up more nutrients than they otherwise could. They also help break down dead plant material, removing potential food for harmful pathogens. Plantacillin will help boost the root mass, massively increasing surface area for nutrient uptake.

Another great benefit of adding your own bacteria is that they outcompete the nasty strains. By quickly establishing a healthy colony, there is less food and room for these harmful elements to develop. Plantacillin is suitable for use on all grow systems, but please be sure to mix very well for hydroponic applications. It is also great with any substrate including soil, coco, rockwool and clay pebbles. To help stabilize and lengthen shelf life, it contains a special food source for the bacteria while they wait. This gives it a potential usable life of up to 2 years!

It contains, Bacillus subtilis GB03, a natural bacteria that colonises and lives on plant roots and root hairs. The good bacteria are instrumental in keeping crops healthy and disease free. Plantlife Plantacillin boosts the plant’s natural immune system and helps to promote root and crop growth and can be used either as a preventative measure or to repair pre-existing damage to roots.