Plantlife Products Personal Grow Box Includes

Liquid Ton-O-Bud

Ton O Bud is one of the best selling. If not the best selling additive in Future Harvest’s extensive additives range. It is globally recognized and has a proven reputation as one of the most powerful plant enhancing additives on the market. Ton O Bud is concentrated P-K (phosphorous and potassium) additive designed to pack bulk onto flowers and fruits during the middle stages of a flowering cycle.


Prop-O-Gator is a plant food for roots. It is an all in one root stimulator and fertilizing agent which means it is a stand alone product for your cuttings and clones. Vigorous root growth is of vital importance in the beginning stages of plant growth in order to prepare the plant for transplanting or planting out. Prop-O-Gator is the perfect product to make this happen.  It stimulates rooting while feeding the plant at the same time and whats more. It is beneficial to continue using Prop-O-Gator on the plants until you are ready to start a fertilizing program.

Liquid Bud Start

Bud Start is an early flower enhancer and will deliver striking visible results for the grower. This phosphorous-potassium booster is extremely effective in promoting a vigorous onset to a bloom cycle. It will also assist as a weight gain supplement. As well as speeding up flower set development. When using Bud Start the size and amount of a new flower sites on a fruiting crop is increased, causing them to expand and elongate. This early P-K boost speeds up and promotes a more vigorous start to flowering and has a positive effect on crop finishing times too.

Liquid Bud Boom

Bud Boom is a floral hardener and a finisher, designed to ripen fruits and bring out the tastes and smells locked deep down in the genetics of your plants. The key performance benefits are weight gain, increased flower density and enhanced flavour in fruiting crops. Bud Boom is a P-K additive containing sulfur and magnesium; both of which are elements that help to ripen plants off. It will show visible results quickly, with the main benefits being an increased yield and enhanced flavour. It’s a final boost for your crops at the end of the cycle.


Calnesium 2-0-0 is a nutrient additive that will boost both Calcium and Magnesium availability to your plants when added to your feed program. It is a powerful blend of Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium. That is specifically designed to provide an additional nutrient boost to our Future Harvest Holland Secret 3 part hydroponic fertilizer for crops that demand it. It is an excellent additive to prevent end rot on tomatoes and peppers. Calnesium is 100% compatible with all high quality nutrients, and it mixes quickly and easily. Calcium, Magnesium and Iron are incredibly important to photosynthesis (making energy from light) and maintaining the structure of the plant. Also calnesium works as part of your feed program and as a foliar spray. This product tastes horrible but plants love it!

Royal Gold

The full benefits of Royal Gold are too numerous to list, but simply put, this interesting plant additive increases nutrient uptake in plants. Royal Gold changes fertilizer salts on a molecular level and makes them more bioavailable to the plant, a kind of digestion aid. Amongst Royal Gold’s many other benefits are: the elimination of waste from the plant. Almost like a detox, making the produce taste better; it helps in drought or under watering situations and increases resilience to stressful temperature fluctuations. Both of which are common problems with indoor crops. Research suggests that under watered plants recover quicker with applied Royal Gold because of increased enzyme and antioxidant activity, and the plants also copes with a lack of water better. It also became evident that the growth and quality of normally well watered plants improves when Royal Gold is used all the way through the plants cycle.

Super B+

Super B+ is a plant vitamin supplement, utilizing vitamin B1 (thiamine) which has been shown by research to have many positive effects on plant growth from assisting rooting, growing, flowering and fruiting. To keep plants stress free. As well as encouraging healthy, vigorous growth, B vitamins are also shown to significantly increase crop yields if used all the way through growth in conjunction with a good food and additive schedule. With Super B+, imagine an athlete on a strict diet and exercise program to ensure they perform at the highest level. Using vitamins as a food supplement to keep diseases, colds and flu at bay. Using Super B+ gives plants a better chance of success!

Whats In The Grow Box:

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 500mL
Prop-O-Gator 500mL
Liquid Bud Start 500mL
Liquid Bud Boom 500mL
Calnesium 500mL
Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 500mL
Super B+ Extra Strength 500mL
Plantlife products Grow 500ml
Plant life products Micro 500ml
Plantlife products Bloom 500ml x2
Liquid Carbo Blast 500mL