Plantlife Calnesium 1L

Plantlife Calnesium from Plantlife is a calcium and magnesium additives that will raise levels of these essential elements in the nutrient mix. Quite often these 2 elements are found lacking, especially in intensive grows, as the plant uses them quickly. Many coco coir users experience this but no media or nutrient range is immune to deficiency, which is why there are so many calmag additives around.

Calnesium is 100% compatible with any other high quality feeding system you may be using. It is suitable for use as a nutrient additive or as a foliar spray. It compliments Holland Secret Grow and Micro very well should a deficiency occur. Also, having extra calcium inhibits bud end rot and improves cell division and tissue development. Flower and fruit sets get a boost and overall levels of water, nutrient and co2 absorption go up

Use Calnesium as a plant supplement and to prevent or correct nutrient deficiency.

It works by providing micro nutrients and trace elements when missing from your fertiliser schedule.