Plant Vitality Killermite 250ml

Plant Vitality Killermite is the latest product in the legendary Plant Vitality range, formulated to control western flower thrips. Leaf miners and two-spotted spider mites. It tackles infestations quickly and effectively. Helping to reduce stress and minimise any damage caused. Better yet one 250ml bottle makes up to 500 litres. Enough for virtually any sized garden.

  • An immensely powerful insecticide
  • Comes with a full pesticide approval license
  • Makes up to 500 litres of solution
  • Destroys thrips, leaf miners and spider mites
  • Fast-acting and highly effective
  • Can destroy entire colonies with one application

Plant Vitality Killermite is an extremely potent pesticide. A systemic product that enters the plants system and makes the plant poisonous to any pest that might want to eat or damage it. Killermite contains Ambamectin and a 250ml bottle will make over 500l of pesticide.

  • Extrememly Strong
  • Amazing Results
  • Systemic
  • Fully approved pesticide license
  • Fast acting