Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L

A special blend of Sphagnum Peat with Fytocell foam and our Organic Growth Stimulant, providing a superior growing medium

Available in 50 litre bags, Soil Supreme is a unique blend of sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and our very own Organic Growth Stimulant.

Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L A special blend of Sphagnum Peat, Fytocell Foam and our unique Organic Growth Stimulant. Soil Supreme makes for a superior growing medium that always yields the best results.

Product Details

The special blend ensures that your plants will always benefit from an excellent root growing environment. This leads to quicker root development, allowing for a more rapid uptake of vital nutrients and elements. The results are impressive with bigger, better tasting fruits, increased yields and also flowers that always have more colour and a stronger aroma.

Are you looking for a product that will have a positive impact on the environment? Fytocell Foam is 100% biodegradable and harmless to the environment. So you can be sure that you are not harming the planet when you choose this product. What’s more, it is also excellent at retaining moisture with a great aeration rate.

Our Organic Growth Stimulant has been extracted from prehistoric plants and animal remains that have decomposed naturally over millions of years. As well as improved quality, flavours and aromas from flowers, you can expect to see an increase in your yield, especially if you are hoping to grow fruits and vegetables. Our Organic Growth Stimulant is also a great food source for beneficial fungi and microorganisms.

To make sure that your Soil Supreme is performing well. Simply water regularly and make sure that you have sufficient drainage so that it doesn’t become too saturated in water. It’s never been easier to grow strong, healthy and robust plants.

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