Plagron Light Mix 50L

Plagron Light Mix 50L is a lightly fertilised organic soil mixed with perlite and is ideal for use as a potting soil with young plants.

We also recommend using a light mix for all soil grows as the ability to add nutrients. As required gives you more control over your growing environment.

Plagron is a mixture of various types of peat combined with other fibres to increase oxygen levels. There is also perlite – expanded volcanic glass – to aid water retention and prevent the soil compacting as much.

The nutrient content of the light mix has been kept to a minimum and to get the most from your plants you will need to use a soil nutrient such as Hesi or Plant Magic.

Highly recommended.

A light, Also well aerated soil mix, with enough nutrition for the first week of growth. Use as a potting mix for seeds or cuttings before transplanting into a heavily fertilised soil, or use for the full cycle with addition nutrient for maximum control over nutrient content.

  • Light and well aerated soil mix
  • Great potting mix for seeds or cuttings
  • Contains enough nutrition for the first week of growth
  • Contains a blend of 4 different kinds of peat, sphagnum and added perlite

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