Pest Off Plus Concentrate 250ml

PestOFF Guard ‘n’ Aid – PestOFF Midi Fumer is a Permethrin based smoke generator which is a fantastic way to control crawling and flying insects. If you have difficult to reach places in your grow rooms. Other indoor spaces these are an awesome way of eradicating pest infestations. They work at the time of treatment so we recommend following up with a preventative such as neem oil.500m3 for flying insects such as mites etc.
125m3 for small crawling insects such as fleas and bed bugs etc.
31.5m3 for4 larger crawling insects such as ants and cockroaches etc.

The main active ingredient is Permethrin, a widely used insecticide and functions as a neurotoxin. The fumer dissipates gas within your indoor space, contact with this eradicates any insects that come in contact.

Follow the included instructions carefully and use with great care.
Permethrin is lethal to cats and fish so don’t let it near your pets. After setting off the fumer the room must be evacuated for 4 hours, make sure you leave the area before inhaling the smoke, which will pass through conventional facemasks.

You will still need to apply further insecticidal treatment if eggs are present as the smoke is not residual and any eggs will NOT be sterilised..

Mini Fumer 7g (twinpack)
Midi Fumer 15g
Maxi Fumer 31g