4″ Ona Inline Filter

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12″ Ona Inline Filter

Ona Air Filter is an inline ducting chamber to hold Ona Blocks that helps get rid of odours from the grow room air extraction system. When you mount it inline, the air passes over the cage running through the center of the fitting. By opening the access hatch, you can place your desired quantity of Ona Blocks inside. Depending on the size you buy, you can get a few inside for more effect. Seal the blocks inside by closing the air-tight hatch and you’re good to go! The air coming out will be a pleasant fragrance which is far better than some of the other smells that can come out of a grow room! With a variety of Ona Block scents to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like.

You can leave the Ona Blocks in their pots, but for stronger control you can take them out. This can take a bit of work as they are in the pots pretty tight, but once out, they have more surface area. Please be aware that although this makes the effect stronger, they will “run out” faster and need replacing more often. Although the design of the Ona Air Filter is specifically for the Ona block, you can also use other odour control products in the Ona Air Filter! Hesi Smell-Away blocks would work well for instance, and you could probably fit quite a few in there. Don’t forget ducting and clips!