Ona Gel Pro 1L

ONA-Air Liquid Refill For ONA Gel Pro 1 Litre

Ona Gel Pro 1L the superb odour control of ONA’s air fresheners is now available in a 1 litre refill for any fresh linen ONA gel pot or tub. The ONA Air Liquid Refill refills any ONA fresh linen gel container then continues to slowly release a continuous air freshening vapour which very effectively eliminates smells.

  • ONA – Superb, long-lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • Effectively eliminates any odour and smell in a small to medium sized room
  • The ONA odour neutralising power lasts for weeks
  • Then Leaves a light fresh smell of freshly laundered linen
  • Also Very cost-effective way to get the most from your PRO ONA-Air gel