Ona Block Polar Crystal 170g

Ona Block Polar Crystal Remove foul odours naturally – use ONA Blocks.

They don’t just mask odours – they neutralise odours using an essential oils based formula that seeks and destroys organic and non-organic odours, replacing it with your choice of scent.

Simply remove the lid and let the active ONA ingredients evaporate and neutralise any odours they come into contact with, permanently and efficiently. It’s as easy as that.

  • Choice of Scents: Pro, Fresh Linen or Polar Crystal
  • Strong essential oils based formula
  • Doesn’t just mask foul odours – it eliminates them
  • Reliable and long-lasting odour control
  • Permanently removes even the most stubborn of smells
  • Completely organic

Ona Block & Gel is also very easy to use, simply place the tub near to the unwanted odour, partially open the lid and allow the gel to evaporate into the air, leaving it clean and fresh smelling, along with eradicating unwanted odours. It’s also important to occasionally stir or agitate Ona Gel so it’s working to its full potential.