Nite Nite Spider Mite 250ml

Nite Nite Spider Mite is a new foliar pest control spray that is aimed specifically at Spider Mites.

It works by conditioning the leaves of your plants to make them a very inhospitable environment for spider mites to live in. Thus preventing population explosions whilst also treating the initial outbreak.

Nite Nite Spider Mite provides an effective, easy application solution to controlling Spider Mite pests. This formula is made with all natural ingredients. So you can be sure that only the pests are targeted, leaving your plants health and stress free.

  • Targets spider mites
  • Foliar spray application
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Prevents infestation

How it Works in brief:

Nite Nite Spider Mite stops spider mites in their tracks by creating an inhospitable environment for them to breed. Also The application of the solution in the form of a foliar spray results in a sticking effect changing the condition of the plants leaves debilitating the pests immune system.

Killing the adults and preventing a population increase. Therefore Produced using all natural ingredients. This 100% natural organic concentrate is diluted to apply with a trigger spray.