Newa Maxi MJ

Newa Maxi MJ pump is a high performance pump with extremely low failure rates and an equally low power consumption.

Suitable for use externally from your nutrients or fully submerged, the Maxi Newa pumps also have a 360 degree rotating outlet for directional use.

Each Newa Maxi pump features a silent, versatile and low-maintenance motor that is thermally protected to avoid overheating.

Also Fitted with strong suction cups and mount support bracket, your p[ump can be installed and located almost anywhere.

• External or submerged use.

• Silent running and low maintenance.

• Offers a 360 degree rotating waterproof outlet.

• Water tight impeller chamber.

• Innovative 3-suction cup mount support bracket

MJ500 – 6w – 490L/H – 93cm Max Height

MJ1000 – 13w – 1000L/H – 1.48m Max Height

Varients: MJ 500 Pump, MJ 1000 Pump