New Millenium Ruby Ful@£% 1L

Increase Yields (#) Crop Value ($) & Quality (%)

Ruby Ful#$% is a premium fulvic additive with 9 sources of fulvic acid! Most fulvic acids only have a single source.

Fulvic acid is an excellent chelate! This means it speeds up nutrient uptake & translocation without causing burn!

To do this, it binds to elements, giving them a quick ride into plants and around plants.

During flush, fulvic helps move unused nutrients & waste out of plants – crops have a cleaner taste.

Ruby Fulvic a great all-rounder. It improves rooting, growth & flowering. Overall, you get bigger, healthier, faster-growing plants with a better yield.

  • Increase nutrient uptake & translocation
  • Maximise boosters & additives
  • Nutrients get to where they’re needed sooner
  • Reduce salt build ups in media
  • You get faster growingbigger yielding plants
  • Crops have a cleaner taste
  • Dilute at 1.25ml /2.5L

Officially, it’s a Molybdenum fertiliser – it contains a trace amount of this to break down nitrogen compounds. 

Use this and you’ll amplify growth in rooting, veg & flowering!

How It Works

Some elements are tough for plants to uptake.

To help them along, you can use fulvic acid. It’s derived from natural humate found in soils and is easily absorbed via roots.

Fulvic binds to elements that are tough to uptake. Fulvic is then quickly absorbed by plants, taking any elements it’s binded to along with it.

Once in your plant, fulvic also helps plants translocate elements to where they’re needed.

Ruby Fulv#$% also contains Molybdenum – a trace element that plants need. It’s key to breaking down nitrogen compounds and is involved in other plant processes!

If you have a Molybdenum deficiency, plants tend to yellow and their growth is stunted. Leaf margins may also appear scorched and leaves cup.

How To Use

  • Shake Well
  • Dilute at 1.25ml /2.5L
  • Suitable all stages of growth (except pre-harvest flush)

!!! Fertiliser contains more than .001% Molybdenum. The application of fertilsing materials containing molybdenum may result in forage crops containing levels of molybdenum which are toxic to rc. Apply less than 130 gallons of product per 1000 sq. ft. per year.