Mills Coco Pebble Mix 50L

Mills Coco Pebble Mix 50L Cocopeat is an all-around potting substrate based on coco fibres and coco gravel. It’s pH neutral, environment friendly and works wonders on soil life. One of the benefits of coco fibre is that it’s able to absorb vast amounts of water; water it doesn’t use, so it’s there for the taking. When using Cocopeat it’s almost impossible for the crop to dehydrate. On top of that, Cocopeat is free from bacteria, it’s dustless and it doesn’t set.

Cocopeat is available in a 50 litre package.

Mills Cocopeat is a high performing all around potting substrate – based on coco gravel and coco fibers – giving it a neutral pH. The unique blend ensures that your crop can not dehydrate plus the cocopeat is dustless, will not set and is free from bacteria.

Combining Mills Nutrients with Mills Media is the perfect combination to enhance natural flavors, yield and aroma.

Using Mills CocoPeat will bring the below benefits to your plants:

  • Bacteria free
  • Dustless media
  • Media will not set
  • Absorbs vast amounts of water

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