Mills Basis Part A

Mills Basis Part A. This is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring and maintain optimal nutrition. Not only in the vegetative state, but also in the blooming stages of plants. This works for any kind of plant. So it’s a good handy nutrient that every grower should have. Basis has been designed to enable the plant to absorb everything it needs within a wide pH range.

The basic two-part nutrients are mainly used as hydroponic nutrients but can be used for all growing styles, be it soil, coco or hydro. And it’s a breeze to use. Also, it doesn’t require any specific conditions. Since it has been designed to be compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods.

Mills BASIS is to be used through the entire growth cycle in order to give your plant the boost it needs: nutrient absorption is improved, photosynthesis is stimulated, enhances cell division, water and nutrients transportation is optimized, improves yield, gives vitality to the plant, restricted pesticide use provides essential trace elements stimulates the plant’s immune system

There you have it: a strong and healthy plant throughout the growth cycle. Mills Basis A&B can help your plants reach their maximum potential without, of course, sacrificing flavour or aroma making it one of the most sought after hydroponic supplies in today’s hydroponics market.

Available Sizes: Part A 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L