MD603 NFT System

MD603 NFT System. The Multi-Duct NFT 600 series kits are large scale NFT systems that are available in four configurations. The MD603 is the medium size in the range and features 2 x 6ft dual channel NFT trays that are arranged side by side both leaning into a 250 litre reservoir. The MD603 Multi Duct NFT Kit contains:

  • 250 Litre tank
  • 2 x Dual Channel 6ft NFT top-tray
  • 2 x White Corriboard top-plates
  • MJ1000 water pump and NFT fittings
  • Spreader Mat
  • PHdown
  • PH test kit
  • 2 x Tray stand

Hydroponic nft trays can produce plants 3×4 bigger than soil grown plants

excellent if you want the same results as the GRO-TANK but want a bigger system (The Multi-Duct) is for you.

Why buy two Gro-Tanks when a larger system will do the same job. More importantly, you only have one nutrient tank to monitor.The Multi-Duct is a NFT growing system and comes in 6ft &8ft  sizes. All details listed, all systems come as complete kits.Why the Multi-Duct?Low maintenance.Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient.Easy access to pump and nutrients.Large volume of nutrient solution to plant capacity.Absence of root disease, typical in soil grown plants.Unlimited supply of oxygen.Low level system to maximise headroom.Suitable to use Grodan gro cubes.