Maxibright LED iLink Cable

The 5-metre iLink data cable extends control for multiple Maxibright Daylight 660 W and 660 W Pro and 480 W and 480 W Pro LED Light fixtures. The iLink data cables carry control signals from the Maxibright DAYLIGHT LED Controller.

NOTE: The iLink data cable is NOT compatible with the 2019 DAYLIGHT 660 W LED.

The iLink data cable allows you to extend control to multiple DAYLIGHT LED light fixtures, allowing you to position them anywhere around your tent. Put simply, if you’re planning on running more than one Maxibright DAYLIGHT LED light fixture, you’ll need an iLink data cable for every additional fixture.

The iLink data cables are easy to use, simply connect the self-locking male plug into the Signal Out port and the self-locking female plug into the Signal In port of the next fixture.

You’ll need an iLink data cable for every additional light fixture you run. For example, if you have two lights, you’ll need one iLink data cable and the Maxibright DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller and so on.